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5 Ways To Achieve Motivation

5 Ways To Achieve Motivation

By on Nov 25, 2015 in Motivation |

We all have our days when we feel like a trainwreck; all that work is piling up and we just can’t make ourselves do it. The deadlines are coming and we are not finishing what we are supposed to do. This sort of feeling is normal and everyone from time to time is suffering through this phase. But that is just what it is – a phase! You are indeed capable to achieve motivation and here are five simple steps to achieve it:

Cleaning Your Surrounding
wpid-clean-deskYou’ve probably heard this couple of times in your childhood when your mother was making you clean your room. It’s not about the neatness – it’s about a clean start or like a clean slate – if you have a clean desk, you can better start with your paperwork or homework. You can’t start anything if you have a messy surrounding. Everything around you needs to be in its place; if it’s not, this will only reflect negativity and you don’t need that if you want to feel better.
Have A Planner
Buy a simple notebook or a planner for your daily activites. This will help you because you will start to feel useful if you check out your daily activities: start with small things and gradually work toward your goal. Organizing your time is proven to beneficial. Many successful people swear on this.

Start slow

Let’s say you decide after a long time and possibly a few extra pounds you want to go to the gym, you read some fitness bike reviews, but you decide the gym is still better. You want to change your appearance by sliming down and changing your eating habits. So you go to the gym, get the gym membership and go to the store, buy all the healthy food and as soon as you get home and perhaps a few hours later, you decide you don’t want all that because that was a sudden decision. You didn’t think this through, and by now you have spent your money on things you don’t want and a gym membership you don’t need. Instead of jumping full speed at something you want to achieve, try taking it slow and thinking about it first, visualizing the task and working your way to make it happen.

Act Like You Have Already Achieved It

woman-looking-in-mirror-smiling-300x199Some would call this ‘fake it until you make it’ – and it’s quite true! You would be surprised on how much this is actually important. Many times people don’t feel motivated because of various reasons. Try looking yourself in the mirror. Now try smiling and actually keeping the smile on your face for a few minutes. Notice how slowly you start feeling happyness without any speccific reason? Tricking your brain into uplifting your mood always helps – apply this with the motivation and you will start to feel motivated or enthusiastic for real.

Making A Deal

Procrastination isn’t always such a bad thing. At times you really need to just lay back and cool off your head. But procrastinating on a long term isn’t beneficial for you. Start with small things, like: after I finish my paperwork, I will walk to the park and enjoy beautiful weather. This is the good way of getting things done, because after some time, you will feel much better and much more useful when you get things done.