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Do We Need Wisdom Teeth?

Do We Need Wisdom Teeth?

By on Jan 8, 2016 in Dental |

wisdom-teethWisdom teeth are those very back molars, called third molars, that generally come in last and sometimes cause dental problems. Wisdom teeth usually come in during the late teen years and are often misaligned. Because of minimal space, many times wisdom teeth are trapped in the gums (this is called impacted wisdom teeth). This causes pain and can crowd other teeth which creates other dental problems. Sometimes a wisdom tooth is only partially impacted and part of the tooth has extended through the gums. The space around such wisdom teeth can grow bacteria that causes infection and tooth decay. If these problems occur, then the wisdom tooth should be removed for oral health reasons.


Our wisdom teeth can be beneficial if they are healthy and aligned straight, but more often than not, there is not space for them and they are misaligned and should be removed. If you are having any wisdom tooth problems, or feel pain in the back of your mouth ask your dentist to check your wisdom teeth. Wisdom-teeth-serviceYour dentist can take an x-ray of your wisdom teeth and recommend the best option. If your dentist recommends you have your wisdom teeth removed call the specialists at Wisdom Teeth South Jordan. When deciding on surgery to remove wisdom teeth you want someone who is experienced in impacted wisdom teeth, wisdom tooth surgery, and how to avoid potential problems such as dry socket. You need an experienced oral surgeon to rely on when removing wisdom teeth.


Your dentist may advise you to remove your wisdom teeth even before problems develop. They frequently recommend this to make the removal of the wisdom teeth easier for the patient, less painful, and help the patient with a shorter recovery.


During wisdom tooth surgery, the oral surgeon will use a general and local anesthetic to make the wisdom tooth removal comfortable and relaxing for the patient. There is usually no pain during the surgery. The oral surgeon will incise the gum surrounding the wisdom teeth to expose the tooth and then the tooth will be extracted. Then the gum is stitched up with stitches that dissolve in a few days. I suggest you to check out New York Dental Office if you live in that area, so you can have your wisdom teeth extracted.

Dry socket is a complication that is common with wisdom teeth removal. This happens when the blood is not clotting in the open wisdom tooth socket. Dry socket usually occurs 3 or 4 days after the wisdom teeth surgery and the pain can be dull or severe. If this happens then contact the oral surgeon and they will treat it by putting medication in the socket.