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Two Great Things that Help me in Building Motivation

Two Great Things that Help me in Building Motivation

By on Feb 4, 2016 in Motivation |

When it comes to motivation, there is no some kind of universal recipe for improving your motivation. There few general tips, but it is usually individual. Now I will tell you about the two things that always improve my motivation.

I have definitely read my fair share of Mormon books in my life, and some of them were definitely large influences on me. LDS culture has always had tendencies toward storytelling and the like. Anyone who was raised in this church is more than aware of the hundreds of church videos that were made in the 60′s and 70′s, and even up through today.


On top of that, there have been a great many LDS authors who have written more than their fair share of Mormon books. Everything from historical fictions to pure science fictions have been covered by authors of the LDS faith. Their history of growing up with storytelling in their culture is very apparent when they are writing a book. In fact, many LDS people have a strong tendency towards the arts and such, and I would not be surprised if this had a lot to do with constant stories that told in this culture.

Telling stories is the way that people used to pass on traditions in the older days, and it is still something that the LDS culture proudly embraces. The many Mormon authors out there are definitely a way to see that storytelling is very alive, even today.


I am also a big fan of anything herbal. I have been looking into herbal remedies for a long time and I love being able to fix a medical problem without using prescription medication.  I used a lot of herbal remedies including herbal incense during my pregnancies. They made me feel relaxed, stopped the terrible symptoms of morning sickness, helped me sleep and even helped induce labor. Herbs can be great for so many things.

Whenever I smell herbal incense it makes me think of visiting my mother in law’s home when I was first married. My mother in law is a smoker and she knew that I didn’t like the smell of cigarettes. If she knew that we were coming to visit she would make sure and burn some incense in her home to cover the cigarette smell. I was grateful for herbal incense from that day on.

Herbal Medicines jpg

Herbal incense and other herbal remedies are so much better for your body because they are all natural. They won’t harm your body in anyway.  I love using tea tree oil and other kinds of essential oils as well. You can put certain kinds essential oils in a humidifier and it will open up airways and help you breathe. This is a wonderful thing to remember during the cold winter months.

These two are my main tools for improving motivation. The books are full of stories that can enhance my motivation and therefore I often read these, even though I have read them many times. Herbs help me in improving my focus and concentration, so I would recommend these to anyone who is having problems regarding concentration.